Film on glass

A Range of Contemporary Printed Graphics

Stanton Creative Group has developed a range of ready-made specialty images that can be applied to glass as printed film. Our graphics, when applied to petitions, doors and windows, provide a wonderful atmospheric device to compliment any interior design. Whether it is an office fit-out, restaurant or bar upgrade, or retail location, the addition of natural elements or contemporary patterns will enhance the feel of the environment to a much finer pitch than is otherwise attainable.

Variations to either the overall visual effect or degree of privacy offered, can be achieved in several ways e.g. by increasing or decreasing the density of the print, printing onto white, clear or translucent film, having complete glass coverage or selected strip coverage of glass.
Customised finishes, logo incorporation and text can be easily applied.

Signature Series – fixed price per m2*

The imagery styles we offer in the Signature Series are twofold.
Our photographic range promotes “bringing the outdoors indoors” with foliage, water or landscape elements evoking a sense of calm particularly in office environments.
We also provide a selection of stylish, contemporary patterns that can be adjusted to corporate colours or existing colour schemes.

All images are Hi-Res so print quality is assured.



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Custom Design – price on quotation

Stanton Creative also designs graphics according to client requirements. Specific elements or images can be manipulated in many ways to achieve the unique look desired. Contact us and we can arrange something to suit your needs.

* Conditions apply